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Friday, 14 July 2017

Dear Ellen 'TheGenerous,'

Dear Ellen,

I'm writing you this letter at 11pm(local time in Malaysia) on 14th July 2017. That's like half of the month is already gone. And time is crucial for me now. Well,time is crucial and time is gold for everyone. But,while my other friends are having fun in their semester break for 3 months(June to August), here I am. Panicking and trying to figure out how I'm going to make my dream come true. And that is, *drum roll*  to go to KOREA! Not North Korea obviously.. Well, we kinda not in a good term at the moment. *kidding* Why do I want to go there? I am selected to go for an exchange program at Sun Moon University in Asan,South Korea. The new semester will start on September 2017. A little brief about me. My full name is Muhammad Eizat Bin Zakbah. Mostly known as Eizat Zakbah. I'm an undergraduate student studying at International Islamic University Malaysia(IIUM) doing a Bachelor in English for International Communication. (ENCOM). (a degree) 

I'm 22 years old. Still young but full with passion. My passion is learning languages, communicating with people/socializing(since I'm an extrovert person)taking pictures and sometimes writing. (well I do write when a lot of things are in my mind. usually I will write poems or an Instagram post's caption. But tonight, I'm writing a letter. Being in one of the international university here in Malaysia is more than what I could have dreamed of. I didn't get straight As during my final year in secondary school. But that doesn't stop me from pursuing my studies. Yes. There are a lot of international students here in IIUM, (we have the Chinese, the Arabs, the Africans and the Asians. All in one place. As a student that studies languages, it's kinda like a heaven since we can practice or learn new languages directly from those international students. But,to join the exchange student program in South Korea has always been my dream! The only country that I had gone to was Singapore. Our closest neighbour. With my 12k MYR @ 2 795 USD, of student loan for my studies in the undergraduate level, I could not afford to ask for another 12k MYR from any bank to support me during my exchange program there in South Korea.

I joined so many students' activities like organizing an event/a talk or being an 'emcee', do acting(I once acted as an attorney which out of my field, but thanks to Shonda Rhimes,I nailed it!) I even joined a national public speaking competition for Bahasa Indonesia while everyone else was busy preparing for the semester final exam. Some people call me a fool because I put so many things on my plate that could jeopardize my studies. Yeah.. I did send my assignments in the last minute and read all chapters in just two days. But,thank God, I surprised myself. I got 3.83 GPA for last semester(out of 4.0) It proves that being busy with a lot of things are not a reason for anyone failure. It's all about time management. I didn't do any part time job to fund my exchange program because I was so busy with my curricular activities. Developing my leadership that I believe can benefit me one day. They said that America is a dream of land. Some people don't believe that anymore since things change. But not my favourite show that has fulfilled a lot of people's dream. I wish this dream of mine will be next on the list..

Wondering if I could star in How to Get Away With A Murder?

Took my #OOTD of the day at Hospital Kuala Lumpur after done with the Corporate Social Responsibility at the Pediatric Ward.

Trying to think how to finish my assignments while I was at Bahasa Indonesia Speech Competition.

Me with my Korean book!

Monday, 29 May 2017

Ada Apa Dengan Negara Matahari Terbit?

Sedang aku berjalan ke kelas pagi tadi,(well,sebenarnya pagi hari ni takde kelas,ni kelas ganti cuti jerebu) aku terlihat seorang wanita jauh di hadapanku. Wanita yang bertudung biru. Ber-long skirt putih. Aku cuba meneka dan meneka namanya. Lalu,aku menghampirinya,

Lari dan lari. Aku kearahnya. Dan perbualan kami bermula:

Me: Konichiwa! 

*abaikan grammar kalau salah sebab aku tidak mahir berbahasa Jepun*

Dia: Ohayou! (good morning) Awww... You take Japanese? 

Dia cuba meneka.

Me: No. I'm taking Arabic. The twins(roommates aku) take Japanese.

Dia: I see. That's the texbook? 

Dia memandang buku di tanganku.

Me: Yes. I'm going to the class. Go first,Madam.(yang ingin dimaksudkan aku adalah I go first. LoL)

Itu dia. Dr.Hiroko Shiozaki. Wanita berbangsa Jepun yang beragama Islam yang pernah mengajarku sewaktu semester pertamaku di peringkat ijazah. Sungguh,aku rindu belajar dengannya. Di dalam kelasnya,dia selalu senyum dan tidak pernah marah walaupun sekali. TAPI,kalau datang lambat ke kelas,tak dapatlah korang sign attendance yer..

Masih lagi aku teringat di awal semester ku dulu. Dia menceritakan bagaimana pintu hatinya diketuk hidayah milik Allah.

Sewaktu itu,dia sedang membuat research di sebuah negeri di Malaysia.(Kedah kalau tak silap) 
Dan dia membuat research di pondok! (tempat belajar agama) Dek kerana selalu melihat orang Islam di situ beribadah dan menunjukkan akhlak yang baik, Alhamdulillah hatinya terbuka untuk memeluk Islam. Dan Alhamdulillah,dia bertemu dengan jodohnya,juga orang Jepun yang beragama Islam.

Kini,dia menetap di Malaysia dan mengajar di universiti ku ini. Katanya,dia suka duduk di Malaysia. Dan antara sebabnya,kerana dia ingin anaknya berada di persekitaran yang ada syiar Islam. Islamic environment. Menurutnya lagi,peratusan orang Jepun beragama Islam,sangatlah kecil.

Alhamdulillah. Terima kasih,ya Allah kerana menemukan aku dengannya. Dr.Hiroko Shiozaki. Lecturer subjek Intro to Communication ku di suatu ketika dahulu.

Sensei,arigatou gozaimashita!

P/S: Ni gambar bersamanya pada hari terakhir belajar dengannya.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Manners Maketh Man

When I was little,I had anxiety. 
Nervous anxiety. I almost fainted on stage twice. 
Yeah,I was talkative back then too but,the stage was my biggest fear. 
To stand in front of the public. 
To speak in front of the strangers.

As I grew older,I managed to overcome that fear step by step. 
I didn't faint this time. But,sometimes I stutter.
Not literally. Stutter as in my idea was blocked by something. 
I couldn't utter what was in my head. 
That's why I took this class. 

In this class,we learn from 'zero to hero'. 
In this class,everything is possible.
In this class,we learned about Manner, Matter and Method.
In this class,we were told that a great speaker was not only born by nature. 

A great speaker can also be trained with uncountable efforts. This class taught me how to have great presentation skills like using appropriate visual aids,how to gain audiences' attention and ethics that we,as a speaker need to concern with.

P/S: One day when I'm on my own stage,I'll remember this class. I'll remember the lecturer that taught us. Jazakillahu khoiron kasiron,Sis Alaa'! Your Presentation Skills & Critical Thinking class (CCDS 2351) will be remembered. Always! 😊

Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Sometimes,you wonder. 

Asking yourself why they did that. 

Why she did what she did? 

Why is he acting that way? 

And the most frequent asked question is why you?

Those questions followed by
Why people treat you this way?
You did nothing wrong.
After what you've done so far,
how could they did this to you.

Welcome to the reality!
Where sometimes you get things that you don't deserve. 

And where you lost things
that you deserve.
Respect,Trust & Care.

But,I must tell you this too. 

There are also good and nice people out there 

that will treat us nicely. 

We just have to find them. 

And before we find them,

we have to be as nice as them.

Keep on being nice!
Keep on being kind!

Even though you won't be treated the same,

because what you were meant to be,you will be..